24 years ago I sat down with pen and a stenographer’s note book and started writing. I
completed one manuscript and embarked on the next one. Over the years I wrote sporadically
until around 2006 when I sat down at my computer and became serious. Many years and
accomplishments and setbacks later, here I am, once again a published author.

If you are looking for formula writing, then this is not the place for you. Unlike many successful
authors, each of my books are different. When I get an idea for a story and set down to write it,
I start and add characters, but the story and characters take over and write themselves. I give
the credit to the Great Spirit and marvel that somehow I am a conduit for a wonderful muse.

I love the beach as well as an evening out on the town. I travel whenever I get a chance and
thrive on meeting new people. The desert southwest sooths my soul. I need a drive across it
at least once a year.
I wish I knew who the photographer is for this
photo to give them credit. Absolutely stunning!
Our little Buddy who has passed over. !2.5
incredible years we had together.