About US: Writing has been my passion since I was 12 years old and
reading adventure books. When I read, I escape into other worlds and
places and experience things I could never do in real life.  My goal is not only
to sell books, but to have others read them and escape into the worlds I
Wil and I have been friends forever it seems. We have lived our lives, purposely going out of our way to
experience it with gusto. I can truly say, we've done that, been there and sometimes say we lived to tell
about it. Such as almost freezing to death when Wil's truck broke down in Colorado Rockies with two
horses in the trailer. We spent the night which was below zero in the living quarters with no heat. I thank
the Great Spirit for helping us through those tough dangerous times.
About Us
This photo was taken by my dear friend
Janet. It is on the beach in Half Moon Bay