Ripples in Time
Savannah Black
The Facts: (Or are they?)        
A brutal murder and one justified police shooting took place in 1955
An old haunted southern mansion, sitting on the banks of the historic Suwannee River cannot keep tenants but it can keep
A 1940’s typewriter, types by itself and puts off scents of peoples favorite flowers.
* * * *
Rose is happy with her job and her life in Cincinnati, Ohio until her grandmother gives her that old typewriter. She tells her the
history of it and of the murder of her sister and brother-in-law, so many years before. The machine fascinates her as it
greets her with the scent of roses in a garden, not rose water or a perfume, but roses in the early morning, with dew clinging
to the petals and leaves. Drawn to the mansion by a force she cannot understand, she quits her job, loads her meager
belongings and the typewriter into her car and starts on a collision course with Ghosts, Romance and Voodoo.
Rose looks in the mirror at the freckles peppered across her nose. She
never considered herself as beautiful, but Nathan seems to be
enthralled. She studies his silhouette in the background, out by the
pool, his strong chin and tan body scream sexy. How could someone
who looks as handsome as he does, still be single? She thought about
what he had told her about his deceased wife and a tear slipped out of
the corner of her eye and slid down her face. Dabbing at it, she shakes
her head. What a love that must have been, to still be as strong six
years later!

For the first time in her life, she has gotten a taste of real love. The only
problem is, a 120 year old Voodoo priestess is bound and determined
to have her head if not her whole body.  Can she keep it long enough
to explore the love that is developing between her and Nathan?
The dark cover scared some people so I
had a softer cover made by Skylar Sinclair