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The year is 2035. 20 years earlier the earth was shaken to its core. Earthquakes started in North
Korea and went around the world. Tsunamis ravaged the coasts. Horses are the preferred mode of
travel and bounty hunters are the only justice outside of the city states. The centralized
governments have fallen apart. Infrastructure is in shambles. Cody becomes a bounty hunter after
his wife and daughter fall victim to roving gangs. He tracks them down and kills them all. He rescues
a wolf pup and as he grows, Cody realizes he has a psychic bond with him and he can see, hear,
and smell everything the wolf experiences. Tracking two men, who raped murdered and stole, he
ends up in what is left of San Francisco. He kills the men taking evidence back with him with the help
of a young woman who has lived her whole life in the ravaged town. She hates Bounty Hunters but
once she sees that Cody is a decent and honorable man, she leaves with him to become his
partner. On the way out of the city, they save two men and a woman from certain death and lead
them out of the hell hole. They find an abandoned farm in the country and homestead it. The barn
and a few small outbuildings are all that is left. As they settle into their new life, they have to defend
it from one of the gangs from the city who want Cayce back. Can they defend their new home? Can
they explore the love that develops between them?
Wil Collins
The face for our enterprise