Wil has written many novels on his own and has co-authored several. His
love of writing and reading has carried through out his life. In each book
you get a little peek inside the man that is an author. Having fought in a
war, been a cowboy, truck driver carpenter and even a salesman, he has
lived life. His life closely parallels that of Savannah black. They were
childhood friends and have shared adventures.  
My best friend, now departed. Mathias.
Although Savannah claimed Mathias, he
claimed me. What a wonderful spirit he had.
He sent our Amelia to us in a time of great
Books Wil has co-authored are, Ripples in Time, Sea Gypsy, and Dark
Desert. Wil wrote A Daisy A Day  A Cowboy's Love Story when he first set
down to write. It was the second story to pour out of him. It has gone
through many changes over the years to burst out upon the scene in his
latest published work. Savannah helped him to polish the manuscript to
get it ready for publication.
From Wil: My love of life, my wife, animals, writing, sailing and research is
quite fulfilling. There is nothing like having my family with me, on a
sailboat, rocking to the rhythm of the swells on the Gulf of Mexico. I too
thank the GREAT SPIRIT for my writing ability.
My best friend
Wil's page
Wil Collins Author
I asked Wil Collins, my co-author why he did not design the cover of this book with a hunky cowboy without his shirt on. His reply,
"Because that does not give the true feeling of the story. It is about average people thrust into far from average circumstances. True it is a
romance novel, but it is also so much more! It is an action adventure, survival story of hardship, triumph, longing and realizing that
settling for someone is not the same as finding that perfect someone!"

Jennifer had settled for a man she thought she loved. Her marriage had turned cold and loveless. She slogged through each day, with
an emptiness in her heart and very soul. All that changed when she survives the plane crash in the Rockies with a rugged cowboy. He
doctors her and saves her life. The weather is so bad, the search is called off and they have to deal with the situation, themselves. The
one thing they find harder to deal with, is the strong attraction they feel for each other. Will they give in to the love they both feel or will they
continue to fight it?