Vixen of the Night
Newly Released
Jennifer worked with her controlling husband. She had given up her dreams to live his. Now she
wondered what she ever saw in him. He was domineering, controlling and saw her more as a
possession than a wife and partner. When her Mother drops and is rushed to the hospital, all she can
think about is getting to her. The plane ride was quick and she was by her mother’s side.

When her mother had recovered she heads back to the ho hum that she called her life. In the airport
she meets a cowboy. He seems interested in her and they talk until her flight is called. As it turns out it
is his also. The flight starts like all others before, but ends abruptly over the mountains with the tail
section sheared of and she and the cowboy dangle from their seatbelts. The others all perished. She is
badly injured. Jim, the cowboy takes care of her and finds them shelter. Rescue does not come. The
winter stretches out in front of them. Will they survive or succumb to the brutal cold? Can they survive
the love that develops between them? If they are rescued, can they survive being apart.  Find out in the
long in the writing story of survival adventure and love.
Ripples in Time

Rose looks in the mirror at the freckles peppered
across her nose. She never considered herself as
beautiful, but Nathan seems to be enthralled. She
studies his silhouette in the background, out by the
pool, his strong chin and tan body scream sexy.
How could someone who looks as handsome as he
does, still be single? She thought about what he
had told her about his deceased wife and a tear
slipped out of the corner of her eye and slid down
her face. Dabbing at it, she shakes her head. What
a love that must have been, to still be as strong six
years later!

For the first time in her life, she has gotten a taste
of real love. The only problem is, a 120 year old
Voodoo priestess is bound and determined to have
her head if not her whole body.  Can she keep it
long enough to explore the love that is developing
between her and Nathan?
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The year is 2035. 20 years earlier the earth was shaken to its core. Earthquakes started in North
Korea and went around the world. Tsunamis ravaged the coasts. Horses are the preferred mode of
travel and bounty hunters are the only justice outside of the city states. The centralized governments
have fallen apart. Infrastructure is in shambles. Cody becomes a bounty hunter after his wife and
daughter fall victim to roving gangs. He tracks them down and kills them all. He rescues a wolf pup
and as he grows, Cody realizes he has a psychic bond with him and he can see, hear, and smell
everything the wolf experiences. Tracking two men, who raped murdered and stole, he ends up in
what is left of San Francisco. He kills the men taking evidence back with him with the help of a young
woman who has lived her whole life in the ravaged town. She hates Bounty Hunters but once she
sees that Cody is a decent and honorable man, she leaves with him to become his partner. On the
way out of the city, they save two men and a woman from certain death and lead them out of the hell
hole. They find an abandoned farm in the country and homestead it. The barn and a few small
outbuildings are all that is left. As they settle into their new life, they have to defend it from one of the
gangs from the city who want Cayce back. Can they defend their new home? Can they explore the
love that develops between them?
A Little Magic
Gwynnedolyn’s Awakening
By Wil Collins
Gwynnedolyn is ten today and at her grandparents’ home. Her granddad is away at sea, he is a captain
on a freighter. Her grandmother hands her the key to his sea trunk in the attic. To Gwynnedolyn the
trunk has always been magical. Only once has he ever let her see inside it. Slipping the key into the
lock her expectations are high. She stood reverently in front of it, and bending down blew the dust from
the top. It billowed up in a cloud around her head and she sneezed. She thought she heard a muffled
gesundheit, and looked around to see who else had come up to the attic, but no one was there.
Shrugging, she fitted the key into the lock. It turned easily. She lifted the lid and the first thing she saw
was a pair of bright orange eyes. The eyes belonged to a scruffy looking, well-used teddy bear about
eighteen inches tall.
     There was a silk clothe under him, covering the other treasures in the trunk. This can’t be my
birthday present. Grandpa knows how I feel about stuffed animals. Oh well, it’s where he said I’d find my
gift, so it must be it. Struggling with her conscience, she took the bear from the trunk, closed the lid and
locked it without continuing the search for other treasures. She was feeling even lower than before, and
with the unwanted bear held against her chest, she sank down in front of the trunk, leaning her back
against it. Her head bowed and the tears and feelings, she had held back for so long, poured out,
landing on the matted fur of the bear.
     How long she sat like that, feeling sorry for herself, she did not know. Suddenly, alarmed at what
she thought was a wave of dizziness, she felt the floor rock. She heard the wind whistling outside and
the creaking of wood moving against wood. Unexpectedly the bear in her arms seemed to come alive
and struggled to get free. “Let me go! You’re choking me Gwynne!”
     With a start, she dropped the struggling bear and opened her eyes. “What…What, what’s going on
     “First you soaked me with your tears and then you throw me into the bilge water, what are you
trying to do, drown me?”
     “This can’t be happening! You can’t be real! I must be dreaming!”
“Your Grandpa said you would be a hard sell, and he wasn’t kidding. He sent me to you. He said you
needed a little magic in your life.”
     “You can’t be real and this can’t be happening,” she whispered, unable to accept what she was
seeing and hearing.
     “If you think you’re dreaming, pinch yourself,” the bear said mischievously.
      Gwynnedolyn complied without thinking. “Ouch!”
     “I hear today is your birthday. And I, Ted E. Bear, am to be your escort for a wonderful adventure
through a world of magic.
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