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Haunted by her  past and pursued by one who could be her future, can she let her guard down? Will the violence she ran away from catch up
No longer will she be the timid abused rabbit. If her past catches up, he will find a lioness determined to protect not only herself, but the one
she loves.  

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First paragraph:
The tears had stopped, but her cheek still stung from the backhanded blow. Allen had hit her pretty hard. The bruise was tender and her jaw
swollen. She didn’t know exactly where she was or where she was going. It really didn’t matter; she just had to get away and Stephanie drove
on through the rainy night. It was two A.M. The lights of a convenience store, at a three way intersection, gave the promise of hot coffee. In the
store, she poured a large cup of the dark, nasty looking brew and sprinkled in some sugar and creamer. Snapping a lid on the cup, she made
her way to the counter and the sleepy clerk. Paying for the coffee and twenty in fuel, she went out and pumped the gas.